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  1. ok looks like you do put in some work, but want to shed some light on that blob of a monstrosety you posted earlier? I mean white fill with gold outline? and what's going on with the S? and the E? and, well.. all the other letters? No beef, just want to understand here.
  2. get drunk, fight the tornado, fuck the tornado. Live up to your name.
  3. dics, dies, can't really make my mind because of the light outline, light fill and picture quality. Ok, it's supposed to say dies, searched the paper thread. It seems to me like you should paint more. You're pretty decent on paper from what I saw, but that thing you painted is just boo-boo.
  4. typical, space out your letters evenly. Don't overlap the C that much. umire, you write dics?..
  5. false, watching old episodes of family guy online. tpbm has never vaped weed.
  6. high drunk anything with mustard and meat in it will do.
  7. So I can snitch out all my friends and sell canvases for a living.
  8. Nothing like the sunshine and a nice buzz. Too bad it's still fucking snowing where I live.
  9. my ass is so lazy I've been only going out with friends, alone is fine too after a few brews. Sober hell no. Although I hate it when I finish whatever I'm working on, and one of my friends is still going at it. "come on hurry the fuck up or I'll call the cops on you"! Nah, but it can be quite stressfull if someone's slowing you down. So if I'm bombing I usually go out with someone who I know will be as paranoid as me, and won't spend hours painting something that could have been painted in 20 minutes.
  10. ..but what about good handstyles? Are they overrated aswell?
  11. +1 that would get old after a while though, I'd have to pass.
  12. I think those are tight. If I'd send you a design, could you make one for me?
  13. I prefer simple styles, complex styles are dope, but I get tired of them real quick.
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