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  1. fukyouhoe


    Where that at??eway?
  2. Fuk em, fuk em fuk em, even if they celibate
  3. Wtf...nothin but bullshit ass convos goin on in here...y u niggas like talkin to other niggas so much??post some fukin fliks..i used to like smokin a blunt then comin on here to see some graff, u kno, since that is wat ur supposed to do on here but now there aint even graff in here..jus u niggas talkin...wtf
  4. O great...more bullshit...what the fuk does that shit say?????
  5. And bump my nigga charlie sheen..tiger too..why everyone be gettin all mad cuz them niggas be gettin pussy..but like most chicago graff writers, haters gon' hate
  6. U niggas be talkin wayyy to fukin much on here...exchange numbers and call eachother already..all u niggas suck at graff..there i cleared it up for u..!more fliks now..
  7. Those afro fliks a couple pages back are whats up!..mad style..always painted some proper ass shit
  8. cash money killas..dope spellout..seen it on california nd like 48th..biggg!
  9. Whats good wit that eq over gush ??
  10. No doubt its a fresh ass fillin and spot..but niggas actin like they never seen a fill on a billboard before..
  11. hatin ass niggas..actin like some females up in this bitch!!
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