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  1. security in a city does make a big difference and if you do panel you would know that no matter how hard or easy a train is to hit, its all about producing something to the best of your ability, and to the quickest of your ability, depending on the circumstances you find your self in example yard , lay up etc... as for Sydney i freaked out when i saw the yards its soo much different to Melbourne but then again double-decker panels look shit if their not t2b's so doesn't matter
  2. ye thats the shit panels flicked by the net warriors who post their stuff that actually makes the net....most people keep flicks to them selves. and as for the QR iv'e been to brisbane and seen for myself it is a good scene but sydney and perth are rubbish for panels melb and brissy are the only city's producing half decent shit at the moment but no one person or crew is holding up the rail down here, you could probably say that banos break and sens are the most frequent quality you see but thats only their stuff that runs.
  3. 3 out of every 30 panels that get done in Melbourne each week run, mach just got lucky, so no one who isn't from Melbourne has a say to judge our scene, because ours is the best in the country.
  4. in my opinion Melbourne writers i believes are the most well rounded writers there are. iv been some citys where they can piece but not bomb vice versa
  5. some sweet flicks man keep em coming
  6. lololol http://vimeo.com/19349921 you have to hand it to him he does have a peculiar sense of humor
  7. any one catch that lush article in the herald funny shit
  8. [ATTACH]156420.vB[/ATTACH] [ATTACH]156421.vB[/ATTACH] [ATTACH]156422.vB[/ATTACH] [ATTACH]156423.vB[/ATTACH]
  9. http://www.heraldsun.com.au/travel/galleries/gallery-fn2wzol2-1226018445076
  10. saw a break sit in lilydale last Wednesday drove past didnt get a flick tho
  11. haha love the last flick you got flicks of that panel ?
  12. true that, even that sirum panel wasnt done on illegal terms.
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