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  1. Re: Fuck Papa Johns. damn thats a score, i love dem those are pepperincin's, banana's are mild and for suckerz
  2. disregard truth, acquire...... ... ... ... SHENANIGANS!
  3. disregard phene, acquire kansas city kid disregard DAO, acquire negaproparmada.jpg
  4. probably her (im assuming) stinky perfume
  5. no math involved if i only want a certificate, degree=1 course basic math... i dont gotta worry bout that
  6. i have drive to work as little as possible the government and banks paying me to live comfortably to go to school for something i want to do is gonna be awesome
  7. none of the gangs in my city ever used it, only the stoners, stussy came long after they were using it.
  8. i take it back i dont want a job, Im gonna go to school and live off student loans that i am never going to pay back. good luck opening the bar.
  9. i dont know if it has been said yet but in my day those were known as the "STONER" s, all the metal rock n roll kids drew that shit everywhere.
  10. how bout i go do the work for you and pay you 5 bucks for the job?
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