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  1. oh i know the rules. just give me a few weeks... i forgot about a cuban in JP. im hellza getting one.
  2. So I will be traveling to these places this spring. I am very excited. I got food covered, I just need some cool places to go/things to do/bars. Bars are the main thing... First stop: vegas. next week - march 26th - 31st. Going to Joel Robuchon, Lotus of Siam, and getting alcoholic slurpees. Never been there before. Then, in the end of May I will be hitting up Boston, staying in Jamaica Plain. Going to Neptune...and???. Then I will take the china town bus to NY - staying in Brooklyn. Going to see the Phillies VS Mets, That Ninja restaurant, and not sure what to do over the weekend. Last week in May will be in Philly - center city I guess? Going to Chickies, and getting cheesesteaks of course. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. I'm down for whatever. Anyone else doing any traveling?
  3. croc tears girl was pretty fucking funny. shit lasted a while too.
  4. i cant fucking wait. good beers in the sun by the lake or in east oakland getting some tacos...in a bikini!
  5. hello? hello?????HELLOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO????????????????????
  6. sucks dude. thats the worst. my internet has been out for two weeks. mother fucking neighbors moving and shit.
  7. i got deleted. it was an accident. long story. but im back...in full effect! welcome to real life shai. come over. i got a CSA box.
  8. I am un-deleted. yay.
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