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  1. Nice!


    I'm stoked. So ready to get out of the Bay. Shit is tense here with the high rent pushing everyone out. Crime has gone way up and you everyone is paying way too much in rent. Not fun for me anymore.


    Going to stay my second life chapter, in Texas.

  2. Cool and congrats 50...


    So I got a place to crash in Austin now?








    I had trouble getting good coffee there. Sandra Bullock has a decent little cafe on 6th, can't remember what it's called but it's just down from Guadeloupe (sp?) on the south side of 6th. There's another joint but I can't recall the name, will ask and get back to you but it will be in the CBD as well, as that's all I really know of Austin.


    Good coffee is imperative to my daily life. I'm down with Thunderbird and I will check out Houndstooth. I don't mind flying in Blue Bottle and making it at home (weighing it out, using fancy hand dripped coffee...could be my next investment)


    Only advice for somebody moving from the bay area to Austin is to pretty much stay in Austin.

    Austin is dope. You probably won't like the rest of Texas though.

    Especially coming from where you're from.


    The boy currently lives 1 hour north of Austin. I really don't mind the rest of Texas. Took a ride to Dallas and some weird German town. Road trips I am down with. I also like taking photos, checking out weird thrift stores, cool off the highway shops (like that Czech shit)...


    Being as you're coming from one of the most expensive parts of the country, I wouldn't be surprised if that promotion to Austin comes with a pay cut.

    But I'd factor in the vast difference in cost of living before freaking out and turning down that pay cut.


    I got an interview! I also negotiated to keep my same rate of pay...which is going to be awesome.


    not my area so nothing to offer.


    congrats and good luck


    Thanks! Working on my portfolio now...


    I don't know where Marfa, TX is but my lady stayed there a day. There is some field of strange concrete sculptures out in the desert. Odd town worth an hour or two detour. What's it like working for WF? I've heard it's a great job with good benefits. One thing I've always wondered, do they purposefully make it incredibly easy to walk out of their store for some reason? All I can figure is they don't want the RWP to feel uncomfortable. Well, anyway good work and if you go east of TX hollar at your boy.


    Cheers to marriage!


    Also, goat farm. Definately goat farm.


    Isn't Marfa some hipster BS? I've seen the pics of the Prada thing, the cars, etc...I'm down to check it out but I won't die if I don't. I wouldn't mind camping in the teepees there though.


    I've been with WFM for 8 years. It's weird, don't get me wrong...it can have too many feels...but on the flip side, it can be rad. I am a hard worker and they've seen that and they helped me grow. They've payed for my classes, sent me all over the US, help me get other positions...I can't thank them enough. I've heard opposite stories though too. I guess it depends which town you are in.


    On a whim I checked youtube and was really surprised to the full version of Slacker there,


    This is, in my opinion, a great American movie and is is about the city of Austin.



    The thing that is really crazy about it is that all the characters are real, there is a book that came along with the movie showing their stories in more detail.


    I will check this out.








    But dudes, where should I live? What neighborhood? Everyone keeps telling me East Side but it looks like a wanna be Oakland.LMK.

  3. Been to Salt Lick. I work for Whole Foods. The boy rides those dirt jumps. Bars close at 2am here.



    Where should I move to? I can't figure that part out. I like coffee a lot, and would love to ride my bike downtown to work, but I can drive if I need to.

  4. texas is bigger than you ever thought it was, i live about two hours east of austin

    austin is cool

    you gotta check out barton springs


    It's on my list for sure. I LOVE swimming and water so I want to be there as much as I can.


    Super into being a river rat.

  5. I can't imagine being that close to John Mackey on a regular basis... Good luck on that front though.


    "Marriage is betting someone half your stuff you'll love them forever..."


    I don't think he does anything anymore. Someone else calls the shots.


    But hey, it pays the bills.

  6. Like I said, getting hitched. Also got a potential promotion. I will find out this week.


    Also been spending lots of time there. I think it's beautiful and fun. I really like it.


    I'll be back in California one day. Me and the boy are thinking about buying a goat farm in Napa when he retires.

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