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  1. nah you know what's an "eyesore" 90% of the shit coming out of LI. go back to the forums on BS. no one in here cares. people like you make LI look worse than it already does...stay in huntington and port jefferson.
  2. yeah, he seems like another vampire trying to cash in. what was up with him going out of his way to say something about them being working class/lower working class? what, like that is a bad thing?
  3. http://www.wpix.com/news/local/wpix-graffiti-wars,0,5579903.story
  4. i just got my order from trout today. i emailed them about 2 days ago to check on the status of the order since i had heard nothing back (tracking number, etc...) since placing the order. they got back to me the same day, in a few hours in fact. the boston's are pretty dope! i threw one on a rusto chrome and it worked well. as did the 2 different types female caps for the male valve cans. both worked great on a painters touch can! again, i like the sekt caps too and i like having the ability to use different caps with one sekt adapter. but these caps from trout feel more like using a regular can opposed to having to adjust your finger and hand to accommodate the slightly higher adapter and whichever cap you are using. try both, see which ones you like better.
  5. the mtn 94 caps work really well on ironlak. i just ordered a grip through the mtn site.
  6. oh and i saw someone posting something about cap cleaner. i've been using this shit for years: Gumout Carb and Choke Cleaner Jet Spray
  7. so these boston thins are worth picking up? what about the fats they make? the sekt caps are cool but i don't like how the cap sits a little higher than normal, that's why i am interested in these new joints. edit: i just ordered a 50 pack of each of their (trout) female caps (3 types), so we'll soon see if they were worth it. the shipping wasn't bad either.
  8. linsey dawn mckenzie http://www.freeones.com/html/l_links/Linsey_Dawn_Mckenzie/
  9. this may have been posted already: last week i was talking to someone about the removable throwing star belt buckles. anyone remember those. there is one pictured in the ad.
  10. i just finished watching donnie darko (caught it on cable). i noticed a lot of little similarities to lost. so i came back online and did a little reading and was watching some of the deleted scenes. it's funny, i think lost may end in a similar way to d.d. in a way it's a reset, like they talked about in season 5, but i think it will be a bit different. honestly, i hope that's not the case. i mean if they can pull it off and make it work i guess it won't be all that bad. but like, i just saw that in d.d. so why do it again. planes falling out of the sky water rabbits watership down (directors cut) deus ex machina fate controlling destiny time travel worm holes focus on eyes also: "Tangent universe pertains to the alternate time line that is created when the Engine falls in Donnie's room and he is not there. Imagine a straight horizontal line. This is the normal time line or universe. Pick a point on this line and draw a second line on a 45 degree angle from the first. This is the second time line or Tangent Universe which exists from that moment on. The longer the lines get the further they move away from each other. Theoretically as the two time lines or universes continue to grow further apart each one becomes unstable and ultimately both will be destroyed. By rewinding events back to the moment of impact of the engine and correcting the fact that he was not killed, Donnie saves the regular Universe and the so-called Tangent Universe." from: http://answers.yahoo.com/question/index?qid=20090319154428AAsIwCq also: http://www.vegsource.com/talk/books/messages/12158.html http://giama.files.wordpress.com/2008/02/the-philosophy-of-time-travel.pdf maybe it's not 100% but i think this may be the direction. also related to the pic of the reflections. the flash sideways in lost is a tangent universe co-existing with what we know as their real time for the last 6 seasons.
  11. wait.... at a quick glance, does any one else see the resemblance? or theo did you masterfully photoshop that and threw it in?
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