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  1. Machine is always 100% on point
  2. his xgames 17 real street part was too sick. Best ender ever
  3. someone shoulda done a 4 letter word, one on each block
  4. why are they all over coolidge dick? not tryin to hate on him, he got a few cool stencils but he isnt crushin shit.
  5. that Y E S looks similar to SEYES'
  6. shewp waldo jase ich kind of a weak set. good job going out and benching though. cant control the flow of work tho
  7. obama is a puppet to get stupid niggas like u to think that way cuzo
  8. I was saying this shit too. That bitch wont have a chance in the real world now unless she shows those titttttays and ass
  9. 1997 (what a good year) Harsh Jerms A2M Goose (LOL!) Guts LOCO MOTIVES
  10. that video was wack wanna hear a dope graff song?:
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