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  1. it turns me on how her eyeshadow looks like a fresh shiner
  2. not a fuckin chance. the person below me can smell my ass on there forhead.
  3. Re: a tranny is giving me a handjob right fucking now!!! well this thread pretty much sums up everything and more.
  4. Bronze Medal game. Finland/Slovakia. shit was dope. 4th row behind Fin bench Jokinnen thru his helmet after they won, dude right behind me caught it medals
  5. Biathlon, shit was pretty tight. they ski, they shoot, they ski. Womens combined, shit was dope. Lyndsey vaughn before she fell on the last run. Us/Switzerland me kissing elvis
  6. Oh Haiii: Random flicks of city.
  7. shits pretty good... iv been sleeping.
  8. that is definatly whats up.
  9. werd up didnt know 'Much was down.
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