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  1. ^ yeah i can kinda see it now you point it out. i wasnt even thinking like that, weird how someone elses view can make you see things differently
  2. okay, say they choose to start enforcing the rule more often starting with me eon t1ak and tre. why do i get 2 years and they get 2 days and 1 week? thats my only gripe. im not going to keep on about it. shark hammil is an awesome username
  3. moogle you're dead to me after not telling me how to get songs off youtube using firefox
  4. you better not have been fucking with me i don't want to piss her off more :lol:
  5. no that was to back up my point of some people enforce it and some people don't. i am going to leave it alone because really, what can i do but if t1ak only gets banned for like 2 days, eon gets a week and i get 2 years then thats a bit of a dog act. i know respect doesn't mean anything on the internet but thats basically shitting all over an active contributing member who has supported the site many times.
  6. i just wanted to bring it to attention. im being chill about it because im not that bothered but i do want that name and i dont think its unreasonable to ask. "you should unban me coz everyone does it" or "im cool with you banning me but 2 years is a bit excessive, i broke the rules and i know that but im a contributing member who supports the website, dont shit on me" see the difference?
  7. i just want the ban changed to a few weeks or a month or something. thats all, its not a huge or unreasonable request.
  8. the more you post, the more traffic my little statement at the start gets
  9. im not mad, im chillin, i just wanna be able to have my Swindle account back at some stage before the world ends/next few months?
  10. we both/all know genki is some sick disgusting awesome shit and abides by no rules
  11. LOL. well even so i didnt post a picture of a chick taking a long ass shit or anything that nasty in my whole e-career so i think 2 years is way harsh.
  12. i was waiting for chups to come in here for that reason! im not passing the blame off to you but how genki isnt considered "lewd" ill never know @cash, difference between you and me; your picture sounds gnarly as fuck, mine was just nakey people. plus you didnt get banned for years, did you? exactly
  13. i just posted some naked people i think it was? and cashrefund; have you never posted ANY porn? and if you haven't have you ever been into one of those threads specifically porn themed? and if you haven't nigga you gay
  14. yeah, ive read it dude, you missed the point i was trying to make. @cashrefund
  15. its a weird topic. im pretty sure it was symbols who banned me and a few other people for posting porn a la the message we all received (NO PORN /it was in caps for effect) it feels weird being banned for that on 12oz though, i feel like im being booked by a cop for doing graffiti. yeah its against the rules but aren't there more serious things you should/could be patrolling? i'm all for playing by the rules of 12oz because i like and respect the people that maintain this website but if you are going to triumphantly ban 3 people for posting porn from a site that was posted by the thread starter are you going to wade into all the "HAWT NEKKID CHIX" threads and ban all those people too? its conflicting because some moderators support it and some are against it. either collectively decide if you are going to have a bitch fit over it or not and stick to it. the ban will be lifted in 2012. 2012!? so wait, if i decide to wait that out and finally get unbanned i dont even have that long because apparently teh worldz r ending then anyway, jerk. in all seriousness, 2012 is harsh as fuck, if you (symbols) or anyone else is serious about this anti porn crusade make it like a month or something, thats fair enough. im not umad at symbols/moderators, after all its in the rules but its annoying to have some moderators be like POST NOODZ OF YUR GF LOL DO IT and others just ban you. tl;dr? cliff notes; -either decide to outright ban all people who post porn or be lenient on it but just pick one -change the ban to a month or something realistic oh and incase this thread fails heres a picture of.... a nuclear family nurturing their children and contributing to the economy -love from swindle
  16. wow cos i never thought id see you back again
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