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  1. Now Newports can absorb enormous amounts of this liquid We get sick with it, addicted to what the dip did to the misfits
  2. http://omebanjos.com/ i'm on that bluegrass ish
  3. pall malls are where its at, 713 is the numerical equivalent for GAC. GAC= Gnomes Attacking Children, Go Attack Congress, or Going Against Control.
  4. random facebook photos with bitches are cash
  5. yeah man, gloves make me feel like i'm good at the gaffiti yo! Next time i go to the doctors i'll bring up my prostate health and see what he says about exams. I'm pretty sure i don't need one until i notice my urine flow become weaker and less responsive but thanks for the advice regardless = )
  6. yea, thats not my usual handstyle, the first slap is era who is in iof
  7. the last one says "ome for connecticut" couldn't flip it on the comp.
  8. kesa ome ^couldn't flip the slaps so you can read em on the comp. w.e.
  9. that was done by his boys in memory of him...
  10. 713 CULT YOU SHOULD ALL SMOKE DMT AND JOIN MY CULT MOTHERFUCKER! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QFybXW78cBg&feature=PlayList&p=B9CD9148A968A70D&playnext=1&index=1 I GIVE YOU THE FUTURE
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