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  1. it is a shame but i already know this topic is an uphill battle in this forum so im not gonna beat a dead horse. i think heads need to be a bit more open minded and take more time to perfect or at least improve their craft. shit, its even hard as hell to find good tags in this city let alone anything else. its just funny because when i started i wanted to be good at all that shit. steady b's lil brother taught me how to write. i used to sweat him in school everyday for hand alphabets and piece alphabets and he always laced me and eventually i got it so its really hard for me to fathom just wanting to do ONE thing all the time at a young age. if i were as young as alot of you guys i'd definitely be taking the time to get good and smoke shit on these walls.
  2. you're kidding, right? graffiti is about mastering many styles of hands, throws, pieces, etc. its not about doing one thing and one thing only and to say that this is philly and its all about tagging is ridic. do these names ring bells: estro, pep, ez, car, rh, pez, teaz, share, braze, pre, sew, ced, sat, credit, espo, dazer, suroc, mek, doze, clyde, razz, brask, ruzz, mr blint, dru, jaycee, erupt, spel, prize, pizzaz etc etc etc etc etc etc .. ALL of these people did EVERYTHING. i agree that people here do not try to get better. too many heads think that a philly hand/wicked is god's gift to graffiti and the reality of it is IT'S NOT. piecing is just as much a part of our graffiti history as it is new york's or any other city with serious graff history. ive been flicking pieces in this city since 1982 so to say philly is all about hands is incorrect. that's essentially a slap in the face to everyone on that list and the many others who put in work in philly over the last three decades. i think a better thing to say would be that piecing is no longer a priority here and that's a shame because alot of us spent many years riding the el with our faces glued to the windows looking at the thousands of rooftop masterpieces, riding R lines, walking the waterfront, etc etc. all that rich history helped make this city famous for graffiti. there's no denying that. respect the craft.
  3. the 'problem' has been resolved. im not concerned about my flicks 'living on'. im concerned about the future use of my flicks for other projects. i post here simply to bless cats with quality images they may not already have but i see that was in vain. im not some toad who never contributes to this forum. you have cats who never post flicks or spend all day posting 100% total crap (both quality and content) and yet cats wanna rag on me?? well, by all means, please continue to enjoy the crooked, underexposed, overexposed, out of focus, unwatermarked flicks that proliferate this forum. its no one's place to tell me how to use, display, share my photos. period. you're entitled to your opinion. not gonna continue the debate. respect.
  4. u know, i understand its frustrating to have to save watermarked images but at the same time its mad annoying when i see cats posting my flicks elsewhere as their own .. and the shoe has been on the other foot many times. if i see a flick that i want thats watermarked i save it anyway especially if its a good or rare photo. who cares if its watermarked? people on here have sent me flicks of my own tags, pieces, etc that were watermarked and i appreciated it so i dont see what the big deal is.
  5. yeah, i do, because i use my photos for other purposes. but since it bothers u cats so much i just wont post anymore at all and u can look at all the crappy flicks that get posted here daily instead. this will be the last flick i post here ... happy halloween ..
  6. Is this comment directed twds me?
  7. lol. sorry. got tired of seeing my flicks on facebook, and OTHER graff forums.
  8. nah, redrum .. youngbuck got skills for sure.
  9. eh, fuck it .............
  10. def one of my earlier influences. glad he's still around.
  11. oh, hope u didnt mind the mecro joint.
  12. not even scratchin' the surface. eh, fuck it. maybe someone will appreciate it. @ralph lauren, re: an old PM u sent me, if u do have any more of my old stuff that i may not have, tunnels or whatever, im def willing to trade. lemme know plz. good lookin out.
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