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  1. GUSE is not in NB. Fucking psycho freak
  2. I can't wait to be at a party/etc where an "sp crew" kid is too and I figure it out haha. -note
  3. That "aiek" throwup definitely reads "riek," I like the womp throw better than that and the Clem one, and that fetis was almost definitely done by felon. Y'all dumb
  4. there is a note in richmond va. ;) ;) also other places.
  5. You can post all the pictures you want, it doesn't mean people are doing anything weird by saying they suck. Why do you think you can type your keyboard and enter words in this box instead of just uploading pictures. This is a very sensitive thread
  6. Oh sweet you caught a train with DUSTER, pjay didn't roll I guess
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