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  1. wud up mobbers nice flickas i seeeeeeeeeeeeeee
  2. i think jurne kinda bites rime awr msk i seen sum same color skemes if u dont think so jus peep the rime above a few picks then think on page 60
  3. almost all the fools that r majorly up arnt from frisco learn the game b4 u speak on it
  4. everyone always talkin bout spellin i was raised on makin ya own spelling thats tagger style there is no right spelling stay out the streets n stay n skool if u wanna correct fools:lol: :eek:
  5. lol haaaaaaaaa fuck that trill shit this cali not no dirty south bullshit lol ha ha
  6. dam they rackin in money off others, thats crazy u think they spliting the money
  7. bro shut the fuck up with your preachin ass u stoopid fuck, u r right nothing is yours especialy your paint can jackin lil punks sounds fun i cant wait to b a dick
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