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  1. i hate it when people offer you shit after youve told them your not trying to do it or whatever. my dads like that. when i told him i was 3months clean he offered me a beer. its nice to know theres other cool people out there trying to be sober. its tough being younger and at least for me everyone i know gets fucked up in some way. changing my friends around has been really hard. somedays its downright miserable and lonely as shit....but it beats the alternative which is living that life again. I personally cant even take one drink or ill wake up next month in a gutter with a needle in my arm and a crack pipe in my mouth. but thats just me edit:
  2. you guys should settle this with a synchronized swimming competition
  3. I get not wanting to quit a job youve had and are comfortable at...but that shit aint gonna work man. not saying im just sayin. Your surrounding yourself with temptation, not to mention your boss isnt gonna make things easier for you. just remember that your health and your life are more important than that job.
  4. Don you gotta quit that job man. It sucks but id do it now and get it over with before it gets harder. I been in that same position, had a girl who i loved leave me because i couldnt get my shit together. I been sober for a bit of time now, i lost count of days, but shes back with me now. Youll be surprised how life can change and get better and all you have to do is be sober. Get yourself outta that job position man...get yourself a nice little break from alcohol and drugs and your mind will start to clear up. If I can do this shit so can you man..give yourself a chance. LUGR thanks man that was inspiring.
  5. damn i didnt even see it was a hatchet...that shit almost went real wrong..
  6. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kOw0MZFVu4U Walrus dances to Michael Jackson’s ‘smooth criminal’
  7. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uu2ss5ZlKMo
  8. http://www.avidh.com/view/4850/how-to-correctly-serve-a-watermelon/
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