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Everything posted by anybody_wanna_peanut?

  1. seems like you got it together yard...i also just got laid off last week, which has given me way to much time to think and get depressed. its like sayword said, i feel misreable either way, but at least the drugs make me sleep and not think, but like yard said, it gets worse. im fighting a constant battle
  2. i can vouch for that yardwanderer...you do eventually feel better after a few months..the hard part is getting there. the only way i can seem to do it is being institutionalized . Im struggling today also. i have 3 day today and im very depressed and anxious. Im sick of life. im sick of seeing people beat something im struggling so hard with. im so fucking lost. i signed in here to feel like i had someone to talk to. stay up guys.
  3. gettin ready to go bust my ass for the next 8 1/2 hours...jbrsh...want my job?
  4. Checkin out the oontz for the first time in a minute..tumbleweeds and Netflix. What's good fam!
  5. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=33pis-u819w&feature=youtube_gdata_player Johnny hobo and the freight trains - love songs for the apocolypse Thought I'd bring it back a bit. Shit is memories right here.
  6. Sup nigs. Why'd I get banned anyway.? Oontz
  7. yeah i need that too.. the link husk gave has last weeks episode under episode 5
  8. only mess with girls who be wearin huggies, fucked a paraplegic bitch, yeah i taught her how to dougie
  9. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-daRoZHx9mI&feature=related
  10. true. my favorite is a airbrushed shirt that says "Anal Sex?" tpbm had a boring saturday night
  11. why the fuck would you post this in here???? try to have some respect dick hole
  12. she is wearing clown shoes how cool is that
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