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  2. I just wanted to give a big shout out to sizes. She may have saved my life the other night. I was blessed with the number and lucky e nuff I was able to talk it out. Just wanted to share that here. Picking up the phone can be hard but it can also save you from a relapse. Anybody who needs a number to call canpm me and I'll be happy to given my digits next time I check the oontz.
  3. Aa works. Just go and listen. Domtactlikeudomt haveanextrahour. Just getup and do it Yo! Bloodfart big fucking congratulations! Tats huge. I don't kno u very well or at all but tits or gtfo....wait I mean lemme pee in ur butt. No no that's not the right one...oh yeah, give ur self a pat on the back 1 year is huge. Real fuckin huge
  4. Bumpin ne action Bronson. Free download on his site. I been steady workin at aa meetings and just got a higher paying job than I've ever had. But it's back breaking. Tough shit. Inj hang on. Clear your mind, stay sober, the soul controler. At least for a minute. Few weeks ago I was passin out with needles in my arms and running my own life. My girl left me I lost my job...but on Y a month later she's talking to me and I'm sober as a judge. Wel judges are prolly fucked up but u se what I'm sayin? Theresa plan for you and even tho I don't personally know you, you seem like a good dude. So Just relax. You gon be aight kid. Peace, Peanut
  5. just checkin in. yo sizes can i still use ur number sometime, same with you poz? anyway im in a 12step program and i have a sponsor. all of this has been key, i have good support now, besides this interweb thread, and im workin on 19 days clean today. it took some shit to get me in there. but im here now and sober. if anyone wants my number or other numbers please pm me, ill try to check this thread more. ive been couch surfin and then there was a problem w the internet, all types of shit been goin on. yard. good to see your still here guiding and sharing wisdom, your the shit man. all you guys are. saywhat? hope your doing welll homie. and to everyone else whos sick or suffering, you dont gotta live like that no more. but lets kiss it goodbye for good now. youll get it after u hear the song. no homo
  6. Bump this right now. I need to get thru today
  7. Lol they only 2mgs and they just take the edge off really. They should make me sleep but they don't. Insomnia is the worst...def make u fuckin loony
  8. Good looks yard. This guy fucking gets it btw. Fighting for my fuckin life at this point. Sick and tired of being sick and tired right?
  9. Yeah the weed is real shitty. They prefer us currency but give u back weird square coins and monopoly money in return
  10. I wish bro. I haven't slept in a week. They don't do shit to me but make me able to function like a normal human. Need to get off these shits fast tho.
  11. Two valiums and a suboxone. Very appetizing
  12. Doin work for ma dukes. Trying to keep busy while unemployed. Listen to chaos uk
  13. Real talk this drug has ruined almost 5 years of my life. I've lost the woman I love, just recently, because she just can't trust me. I mean this girl is my soul mate and I hurt everyday knowing that its my fault she can't be with me. It kills me inside. I have about 2 weeks clean and I never wanna pick up again. For some reason seeing my friends pass just sent me deeper into it. I have literally nothing, it's all been sold or traded for drug debts. Every pay check spent on dope. It's no way to live life. I'm just happy to be alive for today I guess. I'm scared that I will pick up sometimes, I fight a battle in my head everyday. Sometimes I used, but I always regretted it after. Always. This shit is killing our generation...if anyone is struggling please get yourself some help. Learn from my mistakes. Talk to me, reach out. I can be your best friend if you need me to and are struggling. I've lost it all so you don't have to! This is not directed at anyone in particular..just anyone who needs help with any addiction. Fuck dope is right. Fuck drugs period. Except weed really but let's not get into all that. I don't believe in god but I pray anyways. Just for forgiveness.
  14. Sizes...are you having an opiate problem, or is it just alcohol.? Suboxone can be used as a pain killer, and is actually very powerful. Granted it is an opiate, but it might be a better alternative than taking Percs or whatever pills your talking about, I assume the lady gave you some sort of narcotic. I know when I take suboxone, drinking makes me sick. Maybe you should try this if you absolutly need something for your headaches.There are also other drugs you can get prescribed that will make you sick if you drink, you should maybe try that out if your serious about wanting to quit drinking. I'm struggling myself as you all know. And suboxone works wonders for my chronic pain, plus it doesn't let me get high on other opiates. Best of luck my friend. Pm me if u have specific questions about this, or if you need a number to call just to talk to someone I'd be more than willing to give it to you.
  15. Pulled chicken with a BBQ hot sauce mix on a Portuguese roll with cheddar and ranch. Melted that bitch down.
  16. Chips a hoy cookies and grape jelly is pretty bangin. Also Marie's Italian garlic dressing substituted for pizza sauce is bangin, not to weird but banging
  17. I need unemployment cause anigga feelin hungry Bitch won't lemme get food stamps cause she think its bummy
  18. Exactaly. Oh and their Easter party lasts for two weeks at least. Everyone camped out on eagle beach
  19. What's with the gk saber spot, why's it so restarted IOU?
  20. As far as that bitch dissapering think about the crime rates here in the u.s. your prob much safer there than at home even.
  21. Word I went b4 all the Natalie bullshit, didn't even notice cops, when I was there I was told basically the island had no crime besides the Venezuelaians comin thru. Oh yeah. Their mad protective of their women, don't look at chicks the wrong way or hit on local dudes girls, bad idea. I'm tellin u the dreads downtown near lil Cesar's got the tweds. U won't even need it there. It's too beautiful to even think about tweeds there.
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