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  1. on some street art stuff: Andre space invader saw some work from a book of this kind of graffiti but cant remember what is the artist right now. back to prolific bombing siler who has a youtube vid. outta the u.s is a different graffiti ball game. you know like stepping into a different world you gotta change your graffiti strategy in different graff scenes, fights with heroes, annoying pigs traveling for graffiti is like having to do a long mission that lasts months a mission that has many days and nights destroying property on and on.
  2. a friend , at first we had beef but got squashed quickly. his a inspiration a martyr type. will miss him. we talked about graffiti night missions. dude came hard in the scene he quickly became a competitor in the graff game. he got a spot in a graffiti mag felt proud of him b cuz of that. r . i. p
  3. it took me to hitchiking , hopping fr8s also knowing that you can survive without a job only living by reaching your next graffiti goal. meeting, knowing and being part of the poor, being humble about travel, seeing the rich and the poor of north america .playing my part in the graffiti game that only last like 15 minutes, waiting to fall off waiting for the next generation of kings and toys to take my place. paying attention more to graff than fam. losing relationships, jail time, beef with crazy heros..
  4. shout out to all the af and pbss from the froze im runnin with it over here holding it down
  5. nautica jeans fruit of the loom hoodie combat boots from the telephone company..
  6. rack101


    hi im rack101 and im a alcoholic.... been to aa meetings and talked about graff also.
  7. groundscore for me: 6 pack of cold beer money baggy jacket shorts drugs food (was a graffiti bum for a while) bandana pants
  8. prostitute from vegas asking me to be her pimp i then asked her if she could give me a bj she is like: you need money for that she was a dragon , messed up teeth ,dino chick
  9. when you dont know what the f?"! your in this site for.
  10. markers and paint roached in my room
  11. if your not on google search
  12. i have a big gat ready if obama and his dumbocrats try and get me so try and get me .White Power sincerly-Clayton Bigsby
  13. seen the dvd good ol fr8 monikers
  14. like skuf said on syn i rather be addicted to graff than drugs, ... difference from being a robot and a lame man in this working class world
  15. web antox ovek last i read on day in the life mag jaber needs two states to go all- country....
  16. checkout http://www.digihitch.com peeps, to answer your road quetions and travel tips. this forum was known to me from a hobo slash drifter. he later told me that all types of people of different races travel by fr8 and hitchhike throughout the u.s. my last travels were in mexico. dont trust truck drivers they will do anything to get to your backpack.most of the rides were by normal civilians. ask for a chore from resturants so that they can feed you. most of the cases they will give you a free meal for just asking them this.
  17. twist demal saber london police obey revok zephyr
  18. any of the ol pioneers of graff of philly or nyc cornbread, papo,julio for imagination: any graffiti writer from any era of human civilization (pre-modern graffiti) ancient scribers or vandals
  19. wu tang clan- da mystery of chessboxin. big punisher- dream shatterer for the foot bombers of the world!
  20. ftl skrew dister kubo poyse kyt veks animal jaber cinik
  21. when you have shame on the uneven letters in your tag. when you want your tag, throw, piece buffed when you want to quit cause of your toy tags. when you have a toy crew in middle school...
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