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Reef Chief

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  1. Reef Chief


  2. Reef Chief


    ELI CLASS OF 2005
  3. Reef Chief


    mr worrest?
  4. Reef Chief

    Trout art supply

    so whats up with those female caps? they legit or is the Art primo female fat the go to? better stock up on this site before they get popular and inflated
  5. Reef Chief


    bump drunk bombing <3
  6. Reef Chief

    Rustoleum Loves Graffiti Writers:New AA, Rusto, PT Colors

    is anyone else loving the fuck outta those high performance enamel proffessional rusto cans? my local spot just got MAD new colors or these cans (the tall silver ones) theyre male cans but the stock caps get clean lines but i need to get up on the female fats or maybe just a sekt adapter. so how to the art primo female fatcaps compare to those troutart ones?
  7. Reef Chief


    gatsoi you ugly ass bitch...
  8. Reef Chief


    i see you skating lyric aha bump the R.A. and anyone else that paints for their own reasons. keep it up.