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  1. ah .....lets see how deep we can dig here ..we gonna go back way back coloumbus middle school 1985 back in the shean center days ...this was the wall off fame in bpt connecticut ...again i didnt name these spots (disclaimer)...back in those days it was ramster, adel, dome, mk, sword, cect, snaggy, bfats, minister, igor, kojak, red, json, bester,jes one just to name a few....... but outta all these writers sword was the most active and is so to this very day ...
  2. some stuff for the ct thread ....and so it begins foundation bpt ct i never called the spot fame city ....even you told me years ago outta state cats was tryn to claim the spot as there own i would have never beleive it ...but goin through the ct thread shows a claim but i have pics and video that predates anyones claim ....erst r.i.p pros
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