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  1. stick up kid juice ....titties and skate boards ...kiss the rings bitch ....
  2. ahahahah you a straight ass fuckn clown my nikka as you would put it....you have no idea how deep this shit gets .... you on a graff thread with bullshit e thuggery its funny you a loud cat on here forever threating with your idol threats droppn diluted history but you have yet to submit no kind a pics loco i put to you like this , i caught a gun case on my block and still live here i used to wear colors and sling krills BUT I DO NOT WEAR THAT BULLSHIT LIFE STYLE ON MY SLEEVE NO MORE GROW THE FUCK UP YOU TOO OLD MY NIKKA you hangn on yestur year on some sad hype man bullshit so sad..... never the bride, always a brides maid ahahahhahhah.......spin that yarn grandpa on top of that loco dont think even for a sec ,im not the one i played this game before and if shit got serious its about who get who first ....amor de rey, siempre!!!!!!click clack ....i stay strap fall back on them heels and get ta twistn and keep it movn you thinkn its a room full a skateboarders and shit you are sadly mistaken loco..... truth is you on the outside lookn in and on top of that nobody gives a fuck about what you think my nikka all you do is type mad jibberish and entertain make believe you might as well be on stage shuckn and jiven on stage at the apollo on some soft shoe bullshit as the sand man yanks you corny ass off the stage ....YOINK!!!!! your skills is weak your handstyles is softer than baby shit ....so go and scribble scrabble in ya note book that you copped from the half way house you stayn at ....:lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: and for the record .....never copped a plea in my life...... and never gave statements ...and never ran from no man .... let me guess you wanted to be a rapper but never quite made it :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: still holdn on to that im producer dream stayn up breakn nite tryn to make beats on old as casio key board with no batteries and shit ....... aint no body scard you !
  3. actualy if you wanna dig deeper than that imok had all of new england at one point we talkn NY CT RI MASS late 80S early 90S cromag and eroc r.i.p .... this era was golden to me at one point ,after graff hit there was a brief lul in the culture. i can only speak for myself this was my observation hence the hybrid skate culture and graff scene. i rode for nava skates at the time goin to diferent skate parks and contest. i would always run into these dudes from NY they was shut skates we talkn like shean sheffey and jefferson pang at the time jeff wrote probe...name droppn to get a feel for the era ... and to show that we aint doin nothn new but the preservation and devolpement of the culture new england contributed alot .....anyone that says different is johnny come lately ....
  4. ah indeed there man bear pig lol well, for the record i found him. brought it to his attention and quite honestly for this one peice he dissed you guys got like 50 and half prob runnin still somewhere keep in mind that this was almost like 20 yrs ago godamn we old ... but also to be clear i never was in charge of putn people down with pros and come to think of it being a member of the board i never had a say that was erst r.i.p im sure you remember this cat but if ya dont i recall he surely remebered you erst and erb were realy good friends at the time so do the math didnt mean to go off on a tangent but i was tryn to answer the why ....its funny now to me, im realy from my understanding erb dosent even write anymore and what can anyone realy do about it ......realy its fuckn 2012 maybe yall should battle or somthin lol im a sell tickets and takin bets although the odds are stacked in someones favor ...need i say more
  5. http://www.youtube.com/user/bezerc?feature=mhee http://www.youtube.com/user/bezerc?feature=mhee http://www.youtube.com/user/bezerc?feature=mhee http://www.youtube.com/user/bezerc?feature=mhee
  6. that mf doom wall is no joke !!!
  7. EVOLVE PAINT !!!! JICK AND MAST, IMOK ! holdn it down! well done !!!! high marks ^^^^^ BUMP THIS !
  8. you got that one thing either you have or dont ......STYLE!.......... is and always present in your work your a beast and im proud loco....stomp them toyz
  9. ACID BEASTN ....booty swet with the lazer eyes black flag ref killed it lol .....
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