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  1. I was taught to always bring Grocery bags, masking tape, a pipe wrench and water. And it has saved my life in more than one occasion esspecially in big yards. Watch out for wild dogs and new regulations give yard bulls an option to have a canine unit, so that's not something you want to stumble upon. Spend weeks on a roof, or something with full view of the yard, to monitor the amount of workers and when they come and leave, you're going to want to write this down to make sure you've accounted for every hour of all 7 days of the week, and it usually changes every 4 months (seasonal). Wear worker clothing and a hat, so you don't stick out if civilians or workers do see you and you aren't aware. 50% of the times, workers or bulls have already notified police if they do approach you/spot you. So just fucking run. Don't wear Puma shoes to a yard, they kill your feet on the stone.
  2. Second this notion. Homewrecker destroys venues, but I couldn't make it to that show down in Buffalo. So heated. So many more already scheduled for the next couple months if anyone plans on being in Buffalo. Black Breath, Like Wolves, Bestower, Strangers Alpha Omega, Expire, Take offense OFF! w/ Trash Talk, Cerebral Ballzy, Old Ghosts @ Mohawk (No Flyer.) Terror, Stick to your guns, Trapped under ice at Mohawk place United youth, Easy way out, Tough luck, Better times And a bunch more in between I'm sure will pop up.
  3. Out of towners travel for a reason. They've already accomplished everything in their city, and have developed their style to the fullest. Don't feel down because they crush, just respect it. When you go into a new town across state lines, it's a night in jail (because said city doesn't have a file on out of town writers) and then you leave the next day and never see the same city again if the rare chance they get caught actually happens. #NothingToLose
  4. A buddy of mine was in Pittsburgh for the Free Hert Benefit a week or so ago, Had a discussion if this spot was legal or not. And I haven't seen this on here yet so I might as well share.
  5. Little contribution. Mone, I definitely dig your style.
  6. Does anyone else strongly advise that there be a higher post/reputation limit to create a thread...
  7. This page is filled with tampons.
  8. I would not recommend using this, it is not a finished 'graphic' design. But if you'd like you can develop off of it. I'm not asking for products if you do either. I would've done it in illustrator if I was on my computer. Just trying to help you out.
  9. And what mone said. Write qwerty for now if you feel the need to do so, you shouldn't be touching walls or showing elders for a solid year, king funky.
  10. Edit: Nothing like busting out some stickers on 2 cold days.
  11. Nothing like busting out some stickers on a cold day. /blastercapsonclearcoatftw
  12. Everyone hates on the snow, but I'm happy that I live in a city where 4 months out of the year I can jump off of a two story building into a giant pile of plowed snow, and not have to climb my ass down some sketchy pipe that chops up my hand. If I actually took the ambition to throw some thicker wheels on my bike, I'd move to Alaska. Quit complaining. Buy thermal clothing.
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