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  1. Word, although last time I had one it had this patch of unchewable gristle in it, which I've never experienced with a hot dog before. The picture they show on the menu at the costco near me of the chicken bake, makes it look not all that good, so i never tried it. I just learned what's inside it and it sounds and looks good in pics. General online consensus is that it's good too. Don't remember seeing the brisket here. Poutine. Gotta have poutine.
  2. Word. Born on vacation. Tpbm considers letting a homeless person sniff your napkin after dinner community service.
  3. :lol: I remember when I got my first cellphone, I downloaded a bunch of maxim screensavers and got in trouble. Not even like the pics looked all that good on that phone. Was like pixels. Creepy desolate simpsons pics were coo
  4. I'm stoked for this rad gig. Stellar.
  5. http://www.foodbeast.com/2014/05/09/an-intimate-look-at-the-costco-food-court/
  6. I love how every costco location across the country looks the same.
  7. All I ever get is the hot dogs and pizza. Know we disagreed on the pizza. I like it tho. Other than that the menu's pretty sparse. I know they have smoothies and chicken bakes, and churros.
  8. The chalkboard gag would say "Rated R for retarded. "
  9. kinda, yeah. Tpbm drowned a mouse in a puddle
  10. I take back the bad stuff I said about pizza hut stuffed crust.
  11. I have a great terrible idea, since they're all the rage. A live action episode of the Simpsons.
  12. I know. Was saying the same shit to myself when I saw the cops. I don't get it.
  13. Alas, sadly. Not so. Tpbm doesn't want to kill anyone that's too tall
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