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  1. Blue such a gangstar. I love the way he dates his shit 12-31-10. Hit Squad!
  2. ^ You haven't tried anything until you get butter, cajun, parmesan crust Sorry cart was never really good with english. About to pick up a stussy hoodie
  3. ^ Isn't gans better than you? Yea these are d0p3 br4h, I want everyone to blatantly know that I do graffitiz. These are probably as d0p3 as getting iron-ons of my crew name on my jeans and fitted. Vear and yeah
  4. So let me just get this off my chest. Dsd why do you feel the need to put you opinion in on a discussion that was between 3 people and handled by those people and was over? Your opinion doesn’t matter. When you start doing shitty multicolor throw ups it just shows that you have no skills to succeed. What the fuck are you doing? Trying to accomplish a piece fill in on a throw up? You are fucking retarded. When people do rollers they normally put 3d on it too, at least you could make the letters look decent and straight. Don’t even try calling anyone out if they lurk or don’t paint. You and your whole crew are toys. Since you are toys I don’t really give you credit for anything, you guys actually make Detroit look bad to writers who visit. Because they realize wow, Detroit really has a lot of shitty throw ups around. Idk why you would continue to paint streets when you know you suck. And for some reason I don’t really even affiliate you with Detroit graffitiz. People are accepting of dsd because there is no point to argue with him since he is so dumb. I am almost positive everyone still hates him, because the only logical way he can solve anything is saying he will fight you. The reason I am putting you on blast is because you are a toy, who thinks they are the shit and everyone needs to know. I could of sworn that when you were a toy, you didn’t have an opinion or no one cared what you said, you just show your shit through your work. Don’t pm me, because this is all true. Like they used to say, hit the sketchbooks for another year or two.
  5. Thought this might be sist's boyfriend. Charles no one cares about abc not pming you, obviously he doesn't care and doesn't get u mad over the interwebz. Also there isn't a need to post a comment every 20 minutes, everything doesn't need your input. Ward good job on not posting your grafeetez along with other flicks.
  6. I wish you passed the 4th grade, but its okay much of the most gangster people can't read, spell, or write.
  7. Nope. No shit it is on the streets, its pathetic here
  8. No ward every1 on tweilveounce does not post their own graffiti, a fraction of ppl on the ounce do, either way it is wack just shows you have to b noticed since you dont paint lot, if your crew posts your shit who cares, as long as you are not doing it yourself...self promo is faggot shit That is bisko not disko i kno disko from a couple years back had some shit in the packard and was lot better then that. Sist your letters sucks only kosek natrl and few others can make extra extensions look good, you can not jlaw.jaunt.fyer
  9. dat tead shit ain't even tight. his threed is off in spots. dat niggas fill ugly to.
  10. I tried flicking everything in there the other week but I dipped cause I saw a cop creeping. I heard there is a lemonade stand back there though.
  11. Malt should of replaced Sintex and it should of ended after Snoe.
  12. I wouldn't bother taking offense to that. You going over her would be like a gangbanger tagging crips over someones shit. They have no clue what they are doing and they are stupid, so you would just expect it.
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