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  1. shortfuse, love the process photos.
  2. Pretty cool one-line drawings of movie characters and superheros by Quibe. http://mini-q.tumblr.com/
  3. nice calligraphy. pretty sure those uptight monks that spent all that time doing those illuminated manuscripts didn't give a shit about people doggin' their education. so, well-done paying attention in "art school".
  4. romero has some good crits. i been telling torch since he signed on to drop that underline and quotes from his tag. it's making a toy tag look more toy. torch, helpful hint...when you kick out the bottom of a T to the left, it's gonna look like a J, unless you're pro. and look at all the fonts you can. i think that's helpful, but no need to post straight up copied alphabets. especially if you are gonna forget the Q. sper, if you're gonna use a lined paper, might as well use the lines! drop the P down so it hits it. and the S and P fit together, and the E and R fit, but the base of all the
  5. damn. some sick entries! i vote Bizar.
  6. hey Baze, your proportions need work. look at more font styles. the skinny center bars of the B and A should carry through to the Z and E. same with the fat bars.
  7. that Jitsu is nice. put a shadow or 3d on it and hit the walls.
  8. mone, how many times are you gonna get called out for biting? i know it's a post-modern world, but come on! i much prefer a shitty original.
  9. dcor, i think you're still trying to be too stylish. i see you have a lot of ideas and you're artsy (and for me that's not a dig). try a nice solid blockbuster, black/white with some highlights, a clean/fast throw, and a legible hand. then slowly work the kinks out of those, and you'll be on your way.
  10. cred, decent entrance. advice, take it or leave it, is be mindful of your negative space. try to make that balanced as well. I know the C and D have no mid bars to take up space, but with leans, serifs, and whatever the fuck you want to extend, the space should feel even. maybe get a bigger book. the R and E are suffocating.
  11. virtue, i usually do a flickr search. type in the name and graffiti. looks like someone pretty toy writes it. but also some bay area dude writes antes, and he is pretty big. but it's a letter off, so i say go for it if you don't live in california.
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