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  1. those BB pages do not even belong in the blackbook thread. BOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!
  2. avoid the noid ...........
  3. ^^^^lol^^^^ my bad, I was'nt trying to start no fires
  4. GREAT GROUP check check it http://www.facebook.com/group.php?gid=49767127752#!/group.php?gid=49767127752&v=wall Phil Cogbill I've been poking around on the net and found people who know some of these taggers and what not. searches like... +tride asheville ... come up with some people on flickr who are really tightly connected with these guys/girls. See More
  5. Nice depth of field shot yo.lol
  6. cursive script gyser joint lookin like a loooooove letter
  7. lil sour steez lingering above show.....
  8. Right you are cotton.lol all you writters out there should stop with the little shout outs.....it is confusing the new jacks. LOL:scrambled: :scrambled:
  9. no doubt, straw diddy. those shots of that koc wall, as well as the avoid with the hobo lounging were minze....at least they are gettin circulated a little.
  10. dekoe, realy stepping it up.
  11. no doubt! but something just does not seem right about that when you see it spelled out.lol
  12. Yeh yeh yeh....cause nobody else has ever done that, besides those two.
  13. UGLY BOYZ......MD knows the deal
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