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  1. Kandybah

    1,000,000th post game

    First Not sure if this has been mentioned but...
  2. Kandybah


    edit prolly too graphic
  3. Kandybah

    the FBI?!

    :lol: That's just wrong :rolleyes:
  4. Kandybah

    1,000,000th post game

    46,492 posts for the myspace picture post, 1,527,584 views. Yeah the number for replies on this is totally too high.. We have the internet wayback machine.. Where's the internet way forward machine.. I wanna know who wins actually :lol:
  5. Kandybah

    Spray Paint

    Very well said =] For the sabotaz yeah on yellow, yellow are almost always watery (how it's made yeah?). I got to play around with some from this art store wanting people to try it out. Usually reluctant to pay for 'premium' paints in some cases. It is pretty nice stuff. Great price on oink too no doubt. I'm going to look at this Velspar from home depot. Lady_Sec was telling me about it. Cheap price and lots of pastel colors, so go for me huh. Female valve system also. hmmm i guess it's time for me to hit that search button lol EDIT: ''Valspar paint is garbage.. Lasts a lil over 3 months tops in a outdoor enviorment!'' said this as I was posting. that really sucks to hear. should have figured.
  6. Kandybah

    1,000,000th post game

    Shit it was tempting!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I know how much people HATE when you bump a thread from 3 years ago... Found a couple of these guys from 1969 http://www.12ozprophet.com/forum/forumdisplay.php?f=26&page=467&order=desc Son of a bitch it was tempting.. But I fought the urge to do it :lol: ass
  7. Kandybah

    12oz I need your help. PLZHALP. kthx.

    Voted. Good luck, it's 84% to 16&% right now
  8. Kandybah


    Where I'm at now they go fairly cheap to price gouging.. In a matter of down the street. Newports are 4.70 at the locally owned, then the gas station is 7.00 flat. It's just wild, so many people go to the gas station. Guess they're afraid of Palestinians?.. Doing that Chantix stuff now. It's scary shit, really expensive, but I get a kick out of smoking a cigarette when it feels like I should be smoking... but don't want to... and the cigarette tastes like dirt.. Maybe if I can get through the insanity flares, this shit might just be my savior. Cigarettes suck anyway. That nice perfume.. Cigarette smoke eats it right off of you. Yuck! (for any girls in here..)
  9. Kandybah

    1,000,000th post game

    Where the hell do you guys find these things??? LMAO
  10. Kandybah

    post your meals photo superpooperthread!!

    Illinois :heartbeat:
  11. Kandybah

    post your meals photo superpooperthread!!

    Zebra for Lunch Desert Hardcore quarter water for the drink
  12. Kandybah

    What are you doing RIGHT NOW.

    Being attacked by the 503 error..............
  13. Kandybah

    --->supply exchange thread<---

    Pilots Pilots Pilots Pilots Pilots! I have those movies for you hun :) How ever many you can get, just let me know and we can work it out better. (Sorry to post something that I could PM.. Strange, no matter how many times I try I get the FORBIDDEN ERROR - It's letting me PM everyone else though.)