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  1. Bump that home.baer cart. Their styles are sick and go together well. Last time I was in the old swift plant dwn south, one of your pieces was still running homes.
  2. ^ well said, biting is what continues the evolution of graff!
  3. True style master... not may exist.
  4. What the fuck is this now? Whack BB battles via the internet. Delete thread instantly mod. Make a Ceno thread.
  5. That green eye is sweet, letter form is wackazz. I swear, it's about letters, not monkeys gettin drunk.
  6. second that... ghouls must be an old man or he started painting when he was 3yrs of age, either way much respect.
  7. DeTwizzle


    Awesome post, Looks like Hindue has some unfinished business... wonder what made Hindue ditch that one piece? Musta been the bull? Hopefully he catches it again, and can finish it out!
  8. This shit is dope as fukkk!
  9. Baer and Homes! Is this the same Baer that does the crazy comic style pieces, such as the 'Vices' cart?
  10. ^ is this the sure the recently passed away... if so RIP and i dig those throws.
  11. Gary thrown down, and that Chaos is super sick, but is eerily similar to Augors style.
  12. Speechless.... jaw on floor. Awesome update, Baer and Bobcat aint fuckin around.
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