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  1. Lokees better dressed if ur a fag! with his girls jeans on. Im blacker tho.
  2. Thanks for reposting that sketch! the colors are sweet!
  3. jSlie i thought you were nerd enough to use the intranet thingy.. That link almost works except your gay smiley fucked it up. try this one guys: http://www.storytellingmag.com/2010/08/those-tits-are-fake/
  4. That Kato is beast shit. Thats how you take a spot bitches. I shouldnt have got high.
  5. yeah that blue price is set trippin fa shooooooo
  6. wtf did dave drink too many lokos like last time I seen him? wtf are you guys doin up by cleveland also..
  7. I dint care what anyone says about AJAR he got heart out in the streets.
  8. joshu where u find that tat? everybody tell yo momma 50 bucks an hour if she wanna get poked.
  9. ...man I really shouldnt respond drunk. Im still gonna kill everybody tho.
  10. and yes they will shoot your ass for being a loser having nothing else to do but talk shit. having a gun doesnt pose anyone to be or wanna be a gangster you faggot. waving colors does. Dkae one always ridin never hidin
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