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  1. Can't believe they don't have cameras on train station there in 2017 Lol!! They put cameras on every station here back in 2000. Stations out in the middle of the outback even with population 0.
  2. You can run feast straight or mix it with Acetone, Metho, other inks and maybe some brake fluid. Apply it as wet as possible, the longer it takes to dry to the deeper the scar will be and it usually bleeds through the first coat of buff as well. I was researching some plastic staining stuff from USA and some other stuff called leather dye I would like to get my hands on. Ill put some pics up soon.
  3. Yo, that's so similar ;) Nice one, the fluro green is nice indeed. I would like to get the original fluro yellow group 1zi* they brought out in 94. I think I will get another set of wheels for my build. Orange anodized high quality racing rims (spoked) Will change the appearance so much.
  4. Here's my custom build. It was a Midschool Haro Group 1 ci, 1995 Model. It has been lying around in the shed since I was a kid. I decided to go with a racing theme as it was originally a mid level light weight racing bike and I decided to do a PK Ripper orange and white colour theme because they just pop so much! It was my first build and a lot of the parts I'm not 100% happy with mostly due to the oranges not matching perfect and I wish I found a better sticker kit. By far the best part on this bike are the Fusion 3 piece cranks, I scored them from a small local bikeshop. The guy had them tuc
  5. http://www.transport.nsw.gov.au/media-releases/sydney-trains-sniffing-out-graffiti-thugs
  6. Thread needs to be brought back from the dead! http://johnnyduel.com/about/ Melbs with a bit of Syd
  7. 10441021_726350290792945_1465507755515214198_n_zps 10570550_1447528452177161_2222245464009763444_n_zp 10577168_1447530708843602_2229888973237458041_n_zp 10590445_1447530145510325_2633264457833915549_n_zp 10592682_1447527202177286_4302344475782533562_n_zp 10592682_1447527212177285_3083196675155576138_n_zp 10615337_717511418343499_8233625943220761138_n_zps 10577125_1447527445510595_349808804372138363_n_zps
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