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  1. rexx is right, if your that worried about the consequences dont paint, or do what some other clowns do and paint nothing but legals and pretend to be a player in the game. i think the amount of time given is ridiculous for the crime, but we live here and we dont make the rules. if you dont like how america runs shit, get the fuck out homie.
  2. recneps shit was dope stick with it. maybe thicken up the S a bit and work on the I but besides that shits pretty good. and all that bullshit on the last page about wild vs straights. you practice straights and use bars so that when u try to do wilder stuff it makes sense, your bars are in the right spots and your letters flow. you have to simply understand letters before you can change them up. sketch whatever you want for practice wild and whatnot, but when u paint i gaurantee youll look back and wish u painted a straight half the time. also its a little easier to mess with letters if you make them rounder as aposed to sharp edges and shit, and when you round them it leaves more room for error and is easier to fix with cut backs.
  3. man rek you paint like u have parkinsons
  4. ?ar

    Spray Paint

    hey now deen no need to hate on the access card holders
  5. he said 1-3-9 nigga the danger zone, we quick to put a bullet in a strangers dome
  6. im in the marines, and i smoke spice. ive been tested and it hasnt shown up, pretty much my whole unit smokes it. my first time i smoked half an L and i was fucking wrecked, id suggest a bowl or so your first time until your used to it but the shit is the jam
  7. its cool and all, but its not graff. its some dude airbrushing on a photo on a canvas, its art not graff. dudes a dope artist, but i think his graff is wack, besides theyre all legal walls anyway. good on you for trying something new, and its cool and all but dont call it graff. bojangles is right, this is scene hopping hipster shit for kids who want to write graff but are too scared. whats next canvas's of subway cars and freight trains so you dont have to risk anything? graff is an illegal act not a gallery attraction. good on writers like seen and arek and shit that go and do gallery shit, but those guys also put in alot of work for alot of years on the streets and rails. some guy whos claim to fame is his father painting in mexico 40 years ago and the only flicks ive seen are legal walls? prolly fucking not
  8. ?ar

    Spray Paint

    ill buy a bunch when its out, just tell me where to go
  9. its serious, rest in power kids
  10. Re: rip kids dac damn man, rip
  11. reke is not rek you jackass
  12. ?ar


    the 150 was a bit of an overstatement to prove a point, but its around 80-100 lbs that youll wear in country at all times
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