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  1. sorry i suck, got busy randomly i will be back to usual soon.... and will sadly be making up for all the missed day over the course of a couple helish days of non stop drawing so ya.... i will be back soon enough prolly starting tomorrow
  2. i know ive been slacking so i will make up for it asap, just been busy with shit no time to really get down and draw but i did manage a trip to the ol legal wall so here's some flick to enjoy....or hate, fuck i dunno in order on the wall, couldnt get a full shot at night fun is fun sorry none of its sketches
  3. since people are having fun posting old stuff they painted a long time ago i thought id jump on board with it found these done in 2000 sorry the pics suck...my digital camera at that time was like 1 mega pixel or some shit like that
  4. super fast little screech rock total draw time 23 minutes <3
  5. i like this one much much more there is a detail shot of the face which is what im most proud of in this sketch...its the first time i managed to pull off a truely lizardish face to a dragon, im too used to the japanese style dragons also all those scales were a bitch!
  6. haha, well you will be waiting for some time, i got maybe 3-4 hours left of draw time, not counting the time im going to take to go eat and stuff :P but its gonna be worth it
  7. re-doing the dragon sketch from yesterday for todays sketch...i felt like i really phoned that last one in so im going to really dig into it tonight and push out a western style dragon drawing that im not ashamed of so see you later <3
  8. the whole time i did it i kept saying to myself "i spit hot fya mayne HOT FYA" like that dylon guy from whatever lame make me a rapper show that was
  9. obvious to see why you like this one :3
  10. im gonna throw my hat in the ring for this next battle, i think i got the feel for how things go now
  11. as someone who started there own thread, i can say pretty easily that it isnt easy to keep it from failing, if you intend on doing it make sure you are ready to keep it up with as many sketches as you can, and expect to be responsible for keeping it up on the first page, since other people arnt posting there flicks its pretty easy to let it drift to the bottom anyhow...id check it out whenever i saw it up on the list, so if you do decide to try good luck and on that note todays EDIT: after reading what other people said and re-reading your post i realized you meant for people to show there progress in not as a personal progression thread...sooooo nevermind what i said...
  12. after painting...i just didnt feel like sketching really so here is day 16 atleast its something
  13. tonights sketch will be up after midnight im sure but here are some flicks from today just too buy me some time. clone some stupid hermit Jfunktacular all in all a fun sunday now to draw something...prolly another lame burner
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