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  1. This Kid should retire and take up Minor League baseball or something like Jordan its just not even fun to watch anymore
  2. Who? everyone in the world does 3d pieces now
  3. Its for just for Fun Revok is a Legend we all know that, plus he actually has being do some original pieces finally after about 2 years of recycled bullshit.
  4. Smash Upset Askew killing Shit, Smash can keep doing his thing Askew on a Rise beyond that Smash style You cant compare them now One is stepping up the other is content with reworking a style 1000 times to each there own.
  5. Re: ---------------- The =Mr. TOTEM= TATS Cru - 3A - TGE - 7th thread ----------- 09'-til Feeling the New Joint the others Not so Much Stick to the "Stylewriting" as Smash would say
  6. :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :D :D :D :D Lords Been Done Fell off about 8 or so Years Ago Mediocre Crew at best, Dropped the Ball long time ago. Big ups to some of the heads putting in Work but as a whole shit is busted
  7. Putting in Work Flipping Old Vintage 80's Euro shit into his own I aint Mad atcha
  8. Rime didnt invent that Style although he has been perfecting it. Stoops got his own Flow with it though cant knock the hustle
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