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  1. haha i had to read that a few times to understand it but ok thanks ill try that out as a throwup
  2. Never got any crits.. what do u think? and what should i fix?
  3. Jase 05! (i know already posted)
  4. Re: weird stuff you kind on the tracks haha this thread is cool. i wish i had more tracks by my house or some where near me. but once me and my friend was shooting off fireworks and a bum walked up on us we was about to jump him. we didnt know who he was haha. but we talked to him for a little, he told us how he just got out of jail and how he was looking for some bud. he told me and my freind if we wanted we could come back in a few days and smoke with him if we wanted. haha he was mad chill
  5. well on another note, i worked as a construction worker for a while. Ill get paid $10 an hour, it was one of the hardest things i have ever did. Carrying 200+ 16x2's about 50 yards that shit kills you but the pay was nice so i stayed with them as long as i could.
  6. The Art of StoryTelling http://www.veoh.com/browse/videos/category/entertainment/watch/v735831556aam4T6 Also still looking for day in the lyfe movie.
  7. Zeek-ATL


    ^^ they all 3 speak the truth!
  8. Zeek-ATL


    yea, it looks like your right. but it also looks like some of the colors have no chance standing up to the sunlight. but its all good dont worry, i love ironlaks, they are great, cover nicely, and are way cheaper then any other can. Other then krylon and rusto but i dont like those cans anyways. just keep doing what your doing at the SAME price and ill be more then happy.
  9. im not fully sure. but i would GUESS its not like a car and you dont have to show them your camera, phone or what ever else. they will ask to see it. but just say no. they cant send you to jail because you said no. but they might want to search you if you do say no. so this is what im thinking. only have your camera on you when benching in the day time. at any other time, if your tagging or bombing dont bring a camera. simple as that.
  10. Zeek-ATL


    yea i dont think MOST graff stays up for 6 months. and if it does then your not doing something right, OR your doing every thing right and your shit is the bomb!
  11. i didnt know thay had ep.s on the net of cops. but also on 5AM some1 gets caught while bombing the freeway
  12. i pick 2 and 3 and i guess i can go with 4.. :)
  13. infamy, war4 was good (i think) ,5 am has some real gutta shit, and quality of life is ok. thats all i saw.
  14. well thats gay. the fact that its a legal wall kills everything. and your point on the chill spot isnt fully true. he could have other ppl come up and fuck with him, he COULD get in trouble. i know cops dont really go to chill spots (thats why there chill spots) but i mean there is always that chance. and i wasnt really talking about the video. im just saying if you do that amaze throw up that big on a illegal wall then your a beast. but being it isnt, it take s alot away from it. in other words. no balls are needed to do it that big on a legal wall.
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