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  1. [/img] no smash in over a month...doubt it...maybe everybody got tired of w8ing on the gazillion flicks to load on the last page.
  2. bump this crispy bizzness....hope if turns a new page this one takes 4 ever to load
  3. these boys stay frosty...makes yah wanna get off the lazy boy and git to werk
  4. 9WoN8eR

    Spray Paint

    experienced based information on the function is nice to have when the value of time > $ windows of opportunity for my maniacal tendencies seem to shrink during the winter! LOL for me there is a minimal price difference in hardcore & sabotaz (even after shipping the difference is small)....the function of cold weather steel sticking tells me a lot..thnx! Thought I would check here & try to get a vet to share as I just have a hard time paying attention to a puberty stricken voice on you tube that is engulfed in a vocabulary that will no longer be in use next year all th
  5. 9WoN8eR

    Spray Paint

    Fresh, Sabotaz, or Hardcore for cold temps?
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