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  1. the blazer wanted me to post these for him.... Uploaded with ImageShack.us Uploaded with ImageShack.us
  2. Uploaded with ImageShack.us pathfinder, i really like this self portrait
  3. i have no hate for scoe number 2, you can have the same name if you choose to, im just making a joke out of it
  4. and to you sir, i know youve been trying to figure it out for awhile but im at brookfield dawg , im not scared of hollister wearing ,faded jeans with cuts in em taking pics in ur mommas bathroom. youve changed your account 4 times cuz youve embarrassed yourself to many times, sorry that im trying to have fun and not take this internet shit so seriously, if someone had the same name as me i would care less and take it as a joke
  5. the only time someone gets mad that another dude took a pic of there work is when its wack as fuck, lol i took that picture because it was funny, and for that reason only, any further comments hippo or creepr , you can pm me haha
  6. im flicking shit...ur talking
  7. that jeg isnt serious, try simples
  8. IMG_0406 just fucking around those blazers are nicceeeeeeeee
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