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  1. Eating spaghetti. waiting on a painting to dry so i can do more...it is supposed to be donw in two hours for the lady to pick it up and im not sure its going to happen. i also just sprayed scrubbing bubbles on every surface in my bathroom and after they are done scrubbing im going to wipe it all down.
  2. or you could just be normal and develop some game. or you could also be like most the dudes on here and just get girls drunk.
  3. The point is... if you got money you got honey.
  4. Kalico Kake


    Edogg what areas are the best for cheap apartments? and is tacoma cool at all ( for living) Is there still alot of homeless people and are there alot of street cameras? I heard of this "punk rock" donut shop in the downtown area that has oreo donuts? do you know the name? Hows the buff? Is there still a very active effort to bring the harshness if you catch a case?
  5. Kalico Kake


    and thats why you wasted five seconds of your time and two of mine?
  6. "You can loose alot of money chasing women, but you will never loose women chasing money."
  7. Kalico Kake


    Im actually planning a trip to seattle as well. Mid summer though.
  8. Dont let COS ruin my oonts experi ence ence ence
  9. Im going to jack this thread. turn it into.. CAN I GET SOME OF MY FUCKING PROPS BACK????? THis is the real CALICO CAKES
  10. OH SHIT. I have been married like 27 times.
  11. no, this is calico cakes . cos jacked my old screen name.
  12. Shit like that aint cool in glass city?
  13. let him hit it from behind while you are puking. i have heard its like a reverse vibrator. That should take care of any kind of negative thought on his part.
  14. i was just locked up and watched this almost every night. i could not stop laughing.
  15. she will definatly be peeved. if she finds out.
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