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  1. investwit.thabest


    You all complain and talk shit nonstop, then bitch at other people for doing the same shit. Go hit puberty you whiny ass fucks. Fuck 12oz, you all ain't bout shit.
  2. investwit.thabest


    wow. you all never can just shut up. take that shit back to bombing science.
  3. investwit.thabest


    this thread is like an episode of the view. bunches of assholes argueing over stupid shit. :D
  4. investwit.thabest

    Toys post here...

    ^ i kinda like that.
  5. investwit.thabest

    ATT... Abstracting The Typography

    this thread never stops amazing me
  6. investwit.thabest


    ^ flick above is dope
  7. investwit.thabest

    Passenger Trains...Flixx from allover

    are these euro flicks?
  8. investwit.thabest

    writers in action!

    bump good flicks
  9. investwit.thabest

    GAME: True or False

    false tpbm smoked a blunt today
  10. investwit.thabest

    Dear ________,

    dear cali apparently its ur bday so happy bday -invest
  11. investwit.thabest


    bump rekon cause he has flicks on here..
  12. investwit.thabest

    Four Word Story..............

    with cigarettes and 40's
  13. investwit.thabest

    Dear ________,

    dear edogg, thanks for negaprops. always appreciated. -invest
  14. investwit.thabest


  15. investwit.thabest

    Dear ________,

    dear whomever, i robbed a chick the other day.. i got $43, a bus ticket, and a bag of doritos. it was in her bag which she left unattended to in a local mcdonalds as she walked into the bathroom. i know, imma thug right? yeah.. :D