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  1. The apostrophy may still be up for grabs. I spotted this gem while out on an errand today: WHITES DINER leftOn the other side of the building, the painter had apparently given up, as it just said:/left WHITES DINER
  2. wanna do summat to do with design. from what i remember there are courses for that... Not a clue which campus though, had a young guy come talk to us bout the place, he was from gardens i think
  3. For you anti gun folk The anti-gun media is going to have trouble milking this one. People expect soldiers to have guns. We have been told for years that: "Only the police and military should have guns." This guy was a major, an authority figure in the minds of most, who was wearing the official uniform of the federal governments Army when he committed the act. He was on a military base supposedly under control of the Army.
  4. The title says it all. Around the time you first started watching anime, which character and from which series would you say you had a crush on? There are no wrong answers people.
  5. I am traveling to Istanbul alone in May. I was planning to depart by train to Sofia, Belgrade, etc. An earlier post on this forum suggested that the train from Istanbul to Sofia is dangerous, but there was no reply. Anyone have any info?
  6. i have a couple of friends who are just starting to break into the DJ scene, but it was after a lot of spinning at home practicing, as well as a lot of grunt work being the back up/set up guy at less than popular clubs...all i can say is keep at it, its not an easy game, and like anything practice makes perfect...
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