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  1. I hate concerts. I tried to like them, I really did, but I just fucking hate them . Festivals too.
  2. Raising the debt ceiling Eating pizza at California Pizza Kitchen Being bisexual Abusing animals Being part of an internet message forum on bodybuilding Eating bananas in a car Becoming a doctor Having a 1-800 toll free number for your business
  3. what/who the fuck is tpmb? anyway, true Do you hate the state farm good neighbor insurance commercials because you consider a good neighbor someone who leaves you the fuck alone at all times and the less you know about each other the better neighbors you are?
  4. cmon dont ban me again. I have no friends and need all the interaction I can get.
  5. This nigga is retarded. nigga FUCK PAPER, its all about the motherfucking computer bitch.
  6. Yall probably dont remember me, I used to go by the name of .....shhhhhh im gonna keep it a secret so yall bitches dont hate.
  7. IM FREE! FREE !!! IM A FREE MAN! edit...dont want to get banned again, Ill be good I promise.
  8. cause it was a piece of shit. SF II Champtionship Edition = the best game ever.
  9. WISCONSIN... 06-26-2010 02:00 AM Drue_Down niggers have AIDS Thats the comment Drue Down left when negapropping me for dissing Wisconsin. See what I mean, see how fucking pplk in wisconsin are.
  11. Fuyck wisconsin. All I think of when I think of Wisconsin is stupid fucking retarded fat bitch ass white people. /noracist. I mean the real bullshit type of white people, not the cool as hell crazy coke head alcoholic white guy from the east coast thats your best friend and also hates white people from wisconsin. Fuck wisconsin. You know what, Fuck the entire Midwest. yeah I said it, Fuck all the states as a matter of fact, except the following places: NYC NJ Fuck it, most of the states up east, except the bullshit wisconsinlike places within those states, like inm Conecticut, I know
  12. Im red as fuck bitches, prop me and Ill get some hoe to suck all yall dicks or niggas to jizz in your mouth if your bitches. Thank you.
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