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  1. Merry Xmas u lame ass sucka ducks. I hope some of u made new years resolutions to get lives.
  2. p.o.s, i KNOW who you are. just shut your fucking mouth.
  3. nah, i hate on wack ass mother fuckers. still waiting for someone to post that ill ass tober piece or a dope delt piece. where dey at?????
  4. three letter tag; and what would be??? lol and btw, your punk ass doesnt accept pms. lol
  5. how bout you pm me, fag. you got so much to say, right?
  6. well, what IS your name????? enlighten me.
  7. what a shame i gotta big up a bunch of cats who dont even live here but are without a doubt holding this city down .. you can talk to writers from ny, la, and many other places who know these cats have wrecked philly but they couldnt name any other writer FROM this town. thats disgraceful to say the least.
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