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  1. whats with faggots posting peoples names on here ,fucking idiots, grow up kiddo
  2. quick SKEtch jus biros n black permanent marker for the back ground not finished yet
  3. dat shit came up when i copy pasted the pic in the post thingy i didnt know how to get rid of it buddy i aint tryna rep australia
  4. pusite mi kurcinu svi hahhahahahah my nigga jesil bosanac?
  5. site looking good man can alwaiz count on u to bring da heat
  6. beans fucking nice fliccs man some dope bitches there aye fucking legend man
  7. nice outline decy i reckon u should fill it i dig the euro style nicccceeeeeeeeee
  8. ANY1 down for an exchange ??CRIP1 ?????hellla bored
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