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Everything posted by jesusfetus

  1. true. who doesn't?! tpbm is currently jobless
  2. false. tpbm got bullied in high school.
  3. true. Pisses me off when I go to a damn "chinese kitchen" that fuckin serves sushi. That shit's japanese. tpbm is frequently up all gotdamn night.
  4. true. Rage against the machine. tpbm lives in the south
  5. jayfeet, i fucking hate you -jayfeet
  6. true tpbm has had at least 3 concussions
  7. false. Unless you're going and don't know what for. tpbm didn't graduate high school
  8. true. a few. tpbm is a dude that has a dumb ass fuzzy pillow
  9. http://www.mediafire.com/?oc08pb7qwmi1kea Check us out. It's our first demo. Degradation.
  10. holy fuck. that made me so nervous... i was just waiting for him to fuckin slip... shiat.
  11. wow... normally, that'd be homo. but i think in this case, it's just one hell of a guy willing to make one hell of a sacrifice for a good ole buddy. for that, you rule.
  12. FUCKING LEAVING FOR FOLLY BEACH IN FIVE HOURS. definitely picking some up. i fucking grew up on cheerwine.
  13. totally pointing that remark to SonmyD. not meant for you.
  14. the ghost inside is not hardcore. listen to any of the bands on this page and tell me if they sound at all like them.
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