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  1. nineteen


    Mouth For War, I hear you. Enough with the neon air shit. Shoes are for wearin'. Check these: kiddie shoes for the modern-day discriminating young hip-hopster. "Cool Kat Hip Hop Shoes."
  2. yeah, that's what's really important here, i think. it's good we're so focused on arrows. you gotta dress to show the world you ain't part of it. and you ain't gonna take part in it except to show it that you see what you see, not what you're shown.
  3. nineteen

    Fighting back against reality TV

    perfect, perfect, perfect. beautiful irony kills me. rage against the machine is a mainstream rebellion. if i had enough mathematical background to count i might be able to tell you how many funny contradictions are in that statement. the masses have their passions, but it passes. that's the fuckin' truth. take a look at the election spoof.
  4. nineteen

    The Law of Attraction.

    timothy leary. i met him once. or maybe it was only his work that i met. don't really remember. but it's one hell of a dismembered december, and if the law of attraction doesn't hit you, than i don't give a shit too, 'cause you're wrong. it does. it was the truth for me too, and i see through it now. but that doesn't mean it's a lie, it's only more so, it's more the reality of the earth. what i'm saying is: thought is the centrality of our birth.