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  1. STOLEN STOLEN STOLEN Omega 3 & Jimy Humped! by Be Done!, on Flickr casper VA by cnw.bench, on Flickr JIMY by BLACK VOMIT, on Flickr gasper by southern slang, on Flickr owel by southern slang, on Flickr NOUSE by BLACK VOMIT, on Flickr jimy by the train hunter, on Flickr
  2. Let me preface this by saying this is going to sound like complete bullshit to everyone on here. In the fall of 2005 I took the chinatown bus up to Boston and stopped off in chinatown NYC. At the time I was in highschool, I had never heard of the bigshot Reader, and I was writing - honest to god - Read, reader and readabook!. (everyone rolls their eyes.) Yo, I'm serious! I left a bunch of stickers and tags up in chinatown left to boston, etc. About a month later, I took the same trip and when I was walking around chinatown saw a bunch of Read stickers up - not mine. "Some kid around here stole my name!" I thought. About a year later I stumbled on some pictures of Reader online. My mind was blown. This sounds ridiculous, but I hoped that maybe I inspired the dude. I'm sure its actually just an insane coincidence. There you go. Thats it. Except if Reader is on here, and you did get one of your many names from some shitty stickers in chinatown years ago - let me know! It would be such an honor! Peace, Swampturtle
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