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  1. that highway Sour & Over-it, any pics? It's a good 'un Avoid, up like a beast on damn near every trail...
  2. bump those taking flicks in the cold..
  3. Its glue. all spray cans have them, they make your tagz stick super goood.
  4. Haha that night. Bump them huge ass Roda floaters & shitting on people bump Workaholics too stealing pictures
  5. injenear

    Spray Paint

    Most writers in America use Rustoleum, correct? They changed their valve system to male and caps to female. I'm wondering what female caps do people rack to fit these? I use Pam caps and the Sect adapters, but those adapters have low pressure. I see heads using Sects, but everyone used to steal caps like Stoner thins and Elmers, so what are yall using now?
  6. Stop the self-hating and post in the toy thread if you want criticism. Bump Jawa!
  7. Risk? I'd say go simpler...
  8. Kosek and Army killing it with the streetsides! That Elmer wall is one of his best, for sure.
  9. Those Gasms are still legible.. and its not like people don't know what it says...Yo DSD, you should put down the paint and do car jackings or something. Be productive!
  10. Not from Detroit, but damn dude you have the most homo thoughts about other writers, and you write about them... I understand you're shit-talking and sooo hard and all that, but why you always putting out the most gay shit-talk ever? plus doing crappy disses, repping fake crews, and throw letters of a 10 year old.? Haha lamest thing in this damn thread:rolleyes:
  11. 487 guests viewing this thread. What the fuck? mad e-ups.
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