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  1. I was thinking of getting a camera for 300 dollars or less, because my old one broke. Any suggestions? I want a point and shoot with good flash. I was thinking of getting a nikon coolpix
  2. Oh yer I was trolling with it a while back.... Well your pretending you can get shit on me... I'm tempted to post it just to see what you'll try and do...
  3. that's funny cus i already edited it but if you keep pretending you have shit on me without anything to back it up maybe I'll put it back up.... You can go rape any of my friends on myspace if you want half of them live in victoria and the other half are just whores who don't even have my adress..
  4. PM me my address later if you think you can get a hold of it ...... I know you can't..
  5. My bad I didn't think about the rozzas... Anyways you still couldn't track me if you tried...
  6. Ohh yeah i see why your pissed, cus i posted his email with his name in it....
  7. yeah NIGGA don't use harsh language on me.. HAHA POST MY ADDRESS THEN...
  8. Funny because I don't even have were I live on the internet at the moment... I also just moved house and none of the shit is registered in my name so even if you tried to look up my address you wouldn't find me. Even with my unprotected IP address you could not track me down because I am moving very soon, not that you have to know how... Anyway, nice try being threatening..
  9. By the way i got payed to get half naked and paint myself white.... for a concert.. Fuckin funny tho
  10. Oh shit really? That's fucking hilarious, guess I shouldn't of put up my details huh... Anyone who doesn't have my myspace its here: http://www.myspace.com/jakestewartsmyspace I could always put it on private but I don't really give a fuck, more views for me I guess.. what exactly do you mean by 'HURTIN' AS FUCK' \
  11. The book is good... I remember the first time i got drunk with my brother and his friend and we were all wasted puking out all three windows. Me: Hey Sunny(bros friend) Your such a pimp 'Puke' Sunny: I know! 'Puke' Brother: Everyone a fucking pimp to you! 'Puke' There was also this time when i was on something else.. I was falling over repeatedly yelling 'HELP ME MY LEGS ARE WORMS' Later that night i was trying to open the pillow cus i thought it had weed in it. my friend was like 'There's no weed in your fucking pillow' and i said ' Oh yer its MONEY!' also that night i was flying in a glass spaceship and the couch flew into the sky with me on it then landed in the middle of the room and started sinking into the carpet... Most of this I don't remember, my friend told me the next day.
  12. Cheers for the post of graffiti in the show itself..
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