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  1. u went 2 phish new years bags? i went 2 biscuits new years while my brother was at phish and then we had 2 rush back 2 the train cuz we stayed outside the city. was a fun time. payed some dude 7 bucks for a freestyle, bought a bum a bud light tall boy, and ate a blister pack of sudaphed. all in all i gotta feeling 2013 is going to be a damn good year. i listened to the phish show when we got back 2 the hotey cuz my brother got an iphone program that streams it right after the show. sounded good. i don't have much fun at phish tho. i really like the parking lots though.
  2. flick? alaskas prolly alright.... couple big towns/small cities.....
  3. i sold some stuff i made on that website. was kinda fun. i like ebay more.
  4. Merry XMAS, 12! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WiVjZ9pp_Yk and a board break 4 my 12 ounce goth ninjas http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tnDT-dIh6Uo
  5. dig it. over the jersey barrier at the beginning was dope.... is that new england or the midwest?
  6. Oh a "musician", huh?.... I'll tell ya what then; the best music ever was produced during the 1970's and 80's and it's by The Cure, The Smiths, The Chameleons, The Church, Siouxie and any other goth rock band from that era.
  7. whoooo JAERO hollow. Northern New England what what!
  8. Can't wait 4 da Misfits Skull cover up.... I never knew ur name was ALEX!!!
  9. You guys aren't going to believe this, but I'm required by the mental health law division to meet with a Dale Gribble type crackhead sha shaa middle school counselor type dude once a week. He insists we got hiking and one time we went on a hike and dude turns around real fast all "Sha shaaa" just like in that picture, cept dudes wearing a leather jacket and has his hand in the pockets like he's going to pull out a weapon or some shit. What a fucking train wreck.
  10. "The real shit".... and i got more stories than JD's got Sallinger, so watch out boyeeee....
  11. remember -Sudz- ??? The kid that used to draw the cows and post em 12 years ago? Whatever happened 2 him? Ouija was a mod back then 2....
  12. N e one got flix of holyoke? last time i was there the plaze was bombed
  13. Upstate NY??? Lets see some mofuckin AKTR yo
  14. Not mush northeast... i like da Rate/Noxer and the MEcro and the erupt is nice.
  15. You mean "BAG IT"... cuz you'll be baggin groceries the rest of your life.
  16. Across town Nancy was at a salon with some friends getting their nails done. "You'll never believe this guy Kevin I took home the other night." "Oh yeah?" Her black hair blue eyed friend Cynthia asked her. "Oh yeah indeed, he's such a hunk, maybe I'll let you meet him if you're lucky."
  17. It was a cool autumn New England night, so we were unable to eat on the patio of the bistro. We sat inside near the window and I had the chicken cacciatore. The gal, who i learned that night is named Nancy had the caesar salad with grilled chicken. We split a bottle of Merlot 1993 that was made in Chile, nothing too exquisite for 1998 and then had the most exquisite Chocolate Mousse cake for desert. The rest of the night was a haze, but I woke up at her place and was treated to a plate of eggs and toast for the first time in what seemed like ages. She called for a cab to take me back to Larry'
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