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  1. Video put out by 70's skater Bobby Casper Boyden. Got some sick beats and skating in it.
  2. ^some real nice lines. when'd the originals drop? 90's?
  3. Dude... Cry about it. Also: This isn't a chatroom, feel free to shutup whenever you want.
  4. One, not your "mate". Two, didn't ask for feedback. Three, feel free to be as rude as you want, It's the internet brah. B) B) B)
  5. yo what's going down man? oops thought this was a PM for some reason. i haven't seen anyone on TC in a hot second.
  6. Just got no comply underflips and tailstop impossibles finally. Also experimenting with trying to get truckstands to slide on masonite. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jr3wrsCIgw8&feature=youtu.be
  7. Awesome flicks this page. Any other freestylers? I just made a video I'll post up if anyones interested.
  8. bangor? i hardly even know 'or. SPAC is only 3 hoursish for me so i'm more likely 2 go there, but my brother did get a hotey for bangor so i dunno we'll see. i might just ride up with him and hustle this case of crystals i got 2 spunout wooks and huff down on some balloons.
  9. ^^^nice. thank you. I've been jamming martha and the muffins: I've also been jamming 99 luft balons:
  10. New variation on an old school freestyle trick
  11. posted this over in the canvas thread, but i figured i'd share here too. i've gotten in 2 cutting up blank skateboards now that you can get them for 15 bucks or less off ebay. skating the different shapes has been fun and interesting.
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