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  1. Likin these. Halfcab super tuff suede editions.
  2. Internet props: serious business. :cool: :cool: :cool:
  3. dope thread. been filming myself doing some freestyle skateboarding and am maybe going to make a video about my dog. will post the next edits when i'm finished. also, the first video posted in the thread, it looks like had some blue screening in it? is it possible to do blue screen with imovie?
  4. Well, how many non recyclable cans does it take to paint a whole car and how many get done a year? Not to mention legals...
  5. Dope page. Used to have a better flick of those Revs Cost characters over near china town somewhere from like 2000. There used to be a ton of nice graff down there.
  6. isn't sandblasting just compressed air and sand? how is that terrible for the environment? at least nitrous steel can be reused i guess. lol.
  7. So does Aktr still paint? Remember seeing some nice stuff last time I was there.
  8. Alright, you get in the delorean and go back to 1292 and tell prince Albert to call it "one liner writing" and not cursive/script. Also, what makes you say it's supposed to be a 2 and not a C anyways smart guy?
  9. All hail king CES! Numba one mastell of glaffiti styrell.
  10. So cursive writing from the 1700's is now considered "one liners" as well. Gotcha.
  11. Found this the other day, it's about makeshift boards. Some neat skating in it: http://theberrics.com/news/a-golden-egg.html anyone seen Pretty Sweet yet? Wanna upload it for me?
  12. that's a handstyle, this is the one liner thread. some folks famous for one liners would be colt45 and haze. infact i think haze invented them. this dude Serif from the 90's and maybe ment too. ewok.com i believe even has a one liner. do the knowledge before speakin!
  13. false. dropped out of college back in the 80's. person below me is fahking pissed off right here.
  14. Ever wonder? I don't really care/believe in karma so it's not like it's a big deal to me. I do know there's probably some more environmentally conscious people on the site that paint that i wouldn't mind hearing some opinions from though.
  15. i dunno lets see yourz then. threadz dead. edit: waitin for it... maybe should've drawn it b4 bumping the thread?
  16. I wouldn't take a shit dedicated to you kid.
  17. is that a threat? whatcha gonna do tough guy? post another canvas?
  18. dude you're sooooo right. i am fucking teared up right now. bingo pal.
  19. Whoops we don't know this kid but are going to try and talk down to him on the internet and expect him not to confront us when it happens. We some cool ass dudes.
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